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Get up to 3 Netflix Months for Free 2019

Hey there, so without a doubt you came to the right place for sure you heard the phrase “Netflix and Chill” in the last couple of years, Well that blow up recently a lot with high demand on Netflix and everybody is seeking for Free Netflix Accounts with all the other alternatives that exist includes Popcorn time and Kodi, but people prefer Netflix because of the streaming quality on their platform, I’m also a fan.

Free Netflix Account

I know you guys been surfing the web for a couple of days looking for a Free Netflix Account and Netflix Cookies that actually working but no luck just scams all over the place, Don’t worry you come to the right place actually you will be able to generate Netflix Months for Free with no hassle, we did develop a script that does an amazing job in getting Free Netflix Subscriptions, make sure you understand how it works below. 

free netflix account

Netflix Cookies and Account Sharing

Now without any further talking, you guys came here for a Free Netflix Account right? ok let me explain something please before we go straight to the process When you search the web for Netflix account for free you will encounter a lot of Netflix account generators that none of them actually working or ever has worked, that’s one there’s a plenty of ways to get a Free Netflix Account one of them and its the most popular way is Netflix account sharing which a website or person gives the same account to a dozens of people to log in and stream their favorite movies and tv shows but there’s a catch, the Netflix Account will work just for a certain time because the Netflix Bots will detect a lot of devices and IP location connected through the same account which will eventually ban all of them and the same technique is for Netflix Cookies.
the cookies are just a login credential in a web browser cookies, and you should know that Netflix is developing a technology that will prevent anyone from sharing his account and its close to being released in 2019 see more Here.
I guess you encountered all these methods by searching for Free Netflix Hack or similar queries.

Here's a list of free Netflix accounts for the classic people (tested on 15 January)

   ✘ xfmaccane@gmail.com Password: springwbear1
   ✔ taras.vest@hotmail.com Password: netflixpass
    ✔ nataliya.herus@gmail.com Password: 17737271888
    ✔ remaclefamily@gmail.com Password: substation232
    ✔ hdthetitan@gmail.com Password: 1maccan1
    ✘ nandy0489@gmail.com Password: gatewaysTc
   ✔ jabonumail@gmail.com Password: thet1i2t3a4n
    ✔ mysunshineii@yahoo.com Password: artshart
   ✘ forshee@oasisband.net Password: qwerty7
   ✘ sjraider81@yahoo.com Password: rocket15

    ✔ tjs1966@gmail.com Password: danbrown2
    ✘ ddffarriaga@gmail.com Password: maffrmota2
    ✔ remaclefamily@gmail.com Password: substation232
    ✔ mattsirois20@gmail.com Password: diecast8
    ✔ nataliyva.herus@gmail.com Password: 17737271888
    ✘ jrrllicey@hotmail.com Password: 123456
    ✘ eeyidogan@hotmail.com Password: 517454614
    ✔ ricardoisidoro@bol.com.br Password: 008249
    ✔ barxky1976@yahoo.com Password: interview0929
    ✔ troy.thompson@hotmail.com Password: Killbox13

   ✔ bhjlopo@gmail.com Password: *83carsten
   ✔ mark.wetherell@unn.ac.uk Password: cortisol22
   ✔ nal@hotmail.com Password: Senha202224
   ✔ bleck123@vpn.com Password: SENHA:123
   ✔ hjyyj@gmail.com Password: iyMe$kl
   ✔ Lundind1@yahoo.com Password: rock88
   ✔ djcj4500@yahoo.com Password: diamondsun49
   ✔ wiebachmari@yahoo.com.mx Password:  cleotilde
   ✔ kistymae@aol.com Password:  sophie
   ✔ admintrybitt@yahoo.com Password: daringBeast1

netflix cookies

How Does My Method work? Is it true!

After a long time of tweaks and discoveries, we did understand how Netflix System works, you just can’t link up to 3 IP location with just one Netflix Account that’s why its like impossible to benefit all the people with Free Netflix Account or neither Netflix Cookies because we will need a lot of accounts which can be expensive and hard to get so after six months of experiments we did finally found workaround to get a lot of Netflix accounts with just a few ones.
We did develop a script that can benefit one empty Netflix Account with the other one that has an auto payment every month.
what is an auto payment? Its an account that has subscribed for like a year and he doesn’t need to pay every each month alone.
So the script can transfer one month or two to another empty Netflix Account and it’is completely safe, no need to worry because it’s out of Netflix system radar for now.

How can I Get 2 Free Netflix Months?

At first, you will need an Account at Netflix and make sure it verified If you don’t have it just create one which they already offer a 1 month free plan, after you do so the only thing that Free Netflix Script needs to work is the email address of that Netflix Account that you want to add 2 months or so to it.
after everything is ready you access the script from HERE or click on the image below.

The Netflix Script Screenshots

free netflixFree Netflix Account

After you access the script you find a page that has a Get Started button when you click on it, it will scroll down to the page where you can read the instructions and it’s pretty easy and straightforward all you need to do is entering your Netflix Account and don’t forget to activate proxy protection then click on connect now just wait for the server to be connected to your account, once it does you get a prompt showing the number of months that available to you based on your location (it depends on your GEO IP location)
Select the months you need then click on Generate and wait for the script to do its job.
NOTE: We have an anti-fraud installed on our script if one person tried to extract free Netflix account months for free twice it will be detected and he will be prompt with a verification panel if it happens to you just wait for a little and try again.

If it did work for you make sure to leave a comment below and hit the share button, we did invest a lot of time in this and we really happy that it has finally released I hope you enjoy your streaming habit and have a good day Netflexers.

Free Netflix Account
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